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Product Briefing RAMS, is a solution specifically designed for Rostering and Attendance Management.The product is suitable for enterprise organization and is developed on SQL and .net platform.

The Solution encompasses various modules starting from Location Management and/or Contract Management , where an organization can have various Customers/Employees, and location/contract is each Employee/Customer can have multiple assignments. Each identified with its start and end-dates and has further attribution of being variable or long-term.

Against each location/contract, Allocation Modules organization allocates employees from various accommodations or locations. The Employees are allocated based on their Job-positions, and is extracted from a view from existing ERP software’s (such as Oracle, SAP, JD Edwards or others).

The Rostering modules feeds on Allocation modules, by allocating shift based Schedules for allocated staff in each location.The shifts are classified as A, B or C, based on location, and each shift can have different timings which is also location based. The Time Attendance Module takes the framework of Rostering module by taking inputs of schedule while capturing real-time attendance from Biometric and or RFID Terminals. The attendance can be configured based on Function Keys or move in Round-Robin manner (First in, Second-out, etc.).

Objectives The major functions of Time & Attendance Modules are

  • Auto-Error Correction: Ensures that only first punch is taken amongst set of punches accidentally punched by users. The time frame usually ranges from 1-15 mts depending on organization to organization. eRAMS is a product Designed and Developed by ASAS IT, and is marketed by Nirsun and their associate partners.
  • Error Management: In Error Management modules, all employees those who have forgotten to punch-in or have odd AutoCorrected punches are displayed, and attendance can be corrected by Authorized Administrator through Automated Correction process
  • Manual Punch Management: For Marketing, Sales and or Executives, this module enables HR Administrator to mark their manual punches when the employee in question has been authorized to travel, and or operates from off-shore basis
  • Attendance Finalization: During this phase Corrected Attendance is compiled and pushed into non-editable format. This attendance forms the base for Over-Time, Leaves, and Salary purposes
  • Payroll Processing: Finalized data is then pushed either on daily basis or through a batch mode (monthly basis), based on Customizable Payroll, and Finalization Calendar

Leave Management Module

This module is based on paradigm that every position demands a different leave structure in terms of paid and unpaid leaves. This module enables an organization to define their own set of Leaves on Leave-Element Master. These leaves have further attribution in context to being continuous, paid or unpaid

The Leave master provides a base for Allocation module, Time Attendance and Payroll Module. The Reports of Time Attendance will demonstrate the absence of an employee, which is further classified in terms of Leave such as Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Medical Leave etc. and the complete output (monthly), can be extracted based on either Payroll Month, or Attendance Month

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